Safety features you should set up on your phone right away

Both iOS and Android have integrated features into phones to provide security and safety. No matter what phone you use, the features are the same and provide emergency mode for when you are in danger.

These are the top features that you should search for and set up in Settings on your phone.

Emergency SOS Mode

In iOS, the SOS feature automatically calls emergency contacts when there is danger. After setting up the feature, you can activate it by holding down the side button or the volume key button. The feature can also be activated by pressing the side button five more times. You will see the emergency SOS slider on your screen. It will play a warning signal and begin a countdown. Drag the Emergency SOS slider to skip the countdown. After the countdown is over, iPhone contacts emergency contacts, your emergency services and sends your location to them.

Similar features are available on Android phones. Pressing the power button will activate the SOS Emergency feature. This will automatically dial emergency services, contact emergency contacts, and send your location to them. You can also add emergency information to your lockscreen, which other people can see without unlocking your phone. You can also add important medical information, emergency contact numbers, and basic information to the emergency message. The emergency information can be accessed by simply swiping on your lockscreen. This will show Emergency Information. Tapping it would reveal the information.

Don’t Disturb While Driving

The Driving Focus feature on iOS phones allows drivers to stay focused by silencing or limiting notifications and text messages. You can ask Siri to send you messages. If your phone has a Bluetooth connection to the car or hands-free accessory, incoming calls will not be possible. This feature can be set up through Settings. It can also be activated automatically by detecting your phone’s motion.

Android also has a similar Wellbeing feature that allows users focus on certain apps and turns the phone off. This feature doesn’t allow you to drive, but it is meant to give you a break.

Find My Phone

This well-known feature can be set up through Settings. You can also share the location with trusted family and friends. This feature can be accessed from any iOS device, even your Apple Watch and Airpods. You can trace your phone and prompt it to ring or display its current location. Even if the phone is turned off, it will still display the last location it was before being turned off.

Similar features are available for Android devices, provided that they have an active internet connection and are connected to a Google account. If you want to locate your phone, location and Google Play Visibility must be enabled. Both devices should have the app installed. You can use this feature to lock or erase your phone if you are certain that your phone cannot be recovered.


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