Windows 11 KB5017390 released ahead of rumoured 22H2 update rollout

Windows 11 22H2 will most likely start being released to users at the end of this month, in phases and Microsoft has launched KB5017390. This is the most recent release of the cumulative updates that is available for Windows 11 22H2 in the Beta and Release Preview Channels It also includes several enhancements.

Windows 11 KB5017390 isn’t a major update, and it does not add any more features or functions to Windows 11. It does appear to remove an option introduced earlier this year: the ability to remove applications that have interdependencies by through Windows 11’s newly-designed Settings application.



Microsoft has previously stated that Windows 11 version 22H2 will allow you to remove applications with dependent apps (Steam and gaming applications running in Steam) directly by using Settings. This feature has been disabled and it’s now impossible to uninstall apps with interdependencies or fix Win32 apps from the Settings menu > Applications > installed applications.

It’s likely that this feature will be restored in the near the near future. Be aware that you can modify and remove Win32 applications with no interdependencies. The apps can be removed via Control Panel.

Windows 11 KB5017390

Microsoft states that it resolved a glitch that meant some users were unable to begin using File Explorer as the explorer.exe crashed instantly. The issue was reported by users as “launch folder windows in a separate process” not being capable of launching File Explorer.

Another issue has been resolved in which users were unable to click or select buttons in the top portion of File Explorer. This problem was first reported as File Explorer was open full screen. A bug has been corrected in the File Explorer’s command bar didn’t function. It meant that users weren’t able to use the command bar to access items like paste, copy, or empty recycle bin.

Here’s a complete list of bugs that have been fixed:

  • Microsoft fixed a problem which caused an additional print queue.
  • Microsoft has fixed a problem that affected Roaming Users Profiles. In the event of this, Windows couldn’t restore certain settings after the user signs in and out.

Microsoft recognizes a bug that is known to be a case where”Network” in the Lock screen isn’t working. This issue could cause a crash to your Windows lock screen, and users are advised to restart in the event of encountering problems like this.

As was mentioned in the introduction, Microsoft is set to announce a green light for Windows 11 22H2 public rollout within the next couple of days, meaning the rollout is set to start in the coming weeks.

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