Pakistan seeks to plug health sector shortcomings during dialogue with US

In order to find the weaknesses that exist in Pakistan’s health department and to strengthen collaboration an official delegation led by Pakistani Health Minister Qadir Patel is in the US to take part in a health-related dialogue.

The delegation is in Washington at the request by Washington at the invitation of US Health dialogue is scheduled to begin at the beginning of Monday ARY News reported.

The delegation will be witness to the presence of the Pakistan’s Chairman of the National Institute of Health and Director of the Health Ministry Dr Baseer Achakzai.

Many health professionals and US State Department officials will participate in this Health Dialogue.

Nine sessions of health talks were conducted online in accordance with the Health Ministry.

The main topics to be addressed during the discussion will be border security and the nutrition of mothers,, and the improvement of CDC along with the Drug Regulatory Authority Local media reported.

The US will supply Pakistan Health Ministry with Pakistan Health Ministry with four modern mobile labs. The nation will support Islamabad in the area of technological transfer, education, upgrading, Corona polio and other viruses’ vaccines, instruments to aid the center to control disease and laboratory equipment.

In the face of a shrinking economy and the rising cost of living in Pakistan approximately 60 vital medications, including those for suicide prevention are now off markets due to the increase in the price of production and causing psychiatrists to worry about an increase in suicides in the country.

Other psychiatrists from renowned Pakistani hospitals have also stated that patients suffering from bipolar disorder were relocated because certain brands of medicines aren’t available on the market, as per The News International.

Another pharmacist with experience Salwa Ahsan, from Islamabad stated that the medication Lithium Carbonate wasn’t available in the country. He added that the price of raw materials was way up, and that companies weren’t manufacturing them anymore.

The report also showed that a number of important medications for treating TB Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy heart disease, depression, and more were not in the market because pharmaceutical companies weren’t producing these due to the high price of manufacturing.

Qazi Mansoor Dilawar, chairman of Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) stated that unless prices for the drugs are increased by 30-40 percent by the government, or the price of drugs are reduced as a result, the shortage of medicines will continue. He the fear is that even more companies will cease manufacturing a number of medications in the months to follow.

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