Islamabad court says Shahbaz Gill not well, orders another medical examination

ISLAMABAD The court in Islamabad court on Friday ordered another medical exam of PTI chief Shahbaz Gill, saying his “condition is not well”.

A court issued an decision which was reserved earlier this morning following the police’s request for an extension of 8 days in his physical remand case in an sedition case brought against him by Kohsar Police Station. Kohsar Police Station over anti-army comments made on TV.

“Shahbaz Gill’s condition is not good, he should undergo a medical examination again,” the court ruled and directed the authorities to hold him at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) until Monday.

In rejecting the argument of Gill’s lawyer to the effect that the two-day remand issued on August 17 was completed the Judicial Magistrate Raja Farrukh Ali Khan said the remand had not been completed and asked the prosecution to file medical reports at the next court hearing.

“Shahbaz Gill is an asthma patient, conduct medical tests,” the judge declared.

In the past in the day, earlier, the PTI leader, who had an oxygen mask on and oxygen mask on, was removed off the PIMS and brought to the court, under strict security arrangements.

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